Kukuli Velarde's CORPUS series. As installed in 2024 exhibition Kukuli Velarde: Free, Total, Faithful, and Fruitful.
January 20 to April 7

Kukuli Velarde

Free, Total, Faithful, and Fruitful

Kukuli Velarde draws from indigenous Peruvian and European Catholic iconographies to engage with the lasting personal and cultural impacts of colonization. In this exhibition, her works investigate faith, female identities, and womanhood.


Hatha yoga class in the Pfeiffer Wing of the Berman Museum of Art.  
March 19 | 5:30pm

Yoga at the Berman

Hatha Yoga with Cheryl Mann & Alysha Musser in the Berman Museum’s Pfeiffer Wing
Sahar Tarighi speaking at her exhibition opening at the Berman.  
March 27 | 6:00pm

Artist in Conversation: Sahar Tarighi

韦德游戏 College’s Dr. Jay Shelat joins Sahar Tarighi to dive deeper into her exhibition.